Care Philosophy

Care Philosophy

Providence Living was formed from a deep desire to completely rethink and reimagine the experience of seniors and others in need of care, replacing institutional-like care with genuine communities.

At Providence Living, we strive to create space for individuality, joy and spontaneity that make life rich and fulfilling. We innovate, challenge conventions and, most of all, listen long and hard to the real experts: the people living in our care communities and their families.

Providence Living believes every individual has a story — a rich history filled with unique experiences and achievements, a rewarding life in the present, and goals and interests for the future. And, importantly, we believe uncovering and honouring these stories provides the opportunity to co-create a full and meaningful life.

Learn more about our innovative care philosophy, Home for Us.

Improving Quality of Life

Seniors are the fastest growing demographic Canada.

The environment at Providence Living long-term care villages recognizes this fact. Our communities – and the care provided in them – are designed to decrease stress for residents and maximize opportunities for them to engage, as fully as possible, in familiar and meaningful activities. Our goal is to create villages that prioritize spontaneity and joy.

St. Paul’s Foundation has been connected to Providence Living since its inception, supporting long-term care with both monetary support and gifts-in-kind. Click the St. Paul’s Foundation video to learn more about why it’s critically important to re-humanize long-term care.